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The demand for halal products and items controlled throughout the production, packaging and transport so that there is no cross-contamination and that the products offered to the market are guaranteed 100% halal, i.e. permitted for consumption by Muslims is continuously increasing. For these reasons, EML founded the register of European certifications.

The European Halal Certification Registry (ERHC) is an international non-profit organization, founded by EML European Muslims League, which is responsible for monitoring the needs of the Muslim Ummah on all matters relating to the general application of the term Halal with specific reference to Islamic food laws. The ERHC’s controlling members of the EML Ethics Certification Committee include many scholars from many countries around the world.
It has been noted that there are many halal certification bodies in Europe, some well-structured, other Islamic centres that offer a service through their own imams, who issue certificates following a check on animals slaughtered Islamically.
It has been ascertained that there is no cohesion of information between the subjects issuing certifications and that each one plays a solitary role. The aim of the register is to catalogue the various certificates issued, their validity, and to register the certification bodies or subjects who issue them, to guarantee consumers of their legality and legitimacy.

The 15 december 2022 the European Register of Halal Certifications has been registered in the book of the European Muslim League with the enrollment N:01512-22 and on 28 December 2022, the Italian Ministry of Finance assigned the tax code after having depositing the charter and the constitutive Act of the European Register of Halal Certification  (ERHC).

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