The creation of the “European Register of Halal Certifications” (or, in short form, also “ERHC”) was established by the will of the European Muslims League, which, realizing the ever-increasing need in Europe, to equip the community Islamic, of a body able to record the certifications, to annotate the certification bodies, to cooperate in concert with each others, to raise the degree of control, transparency, professionalism and guarantee of certified products, countering the frauds caused by unsuitable or deceptive bodies or certifiers. The association exclusively pursues aims of social solidarity and aims to develop concrete actions aimed at the control of products or services that must comply with the sharia or the canons and principles of Islamic law, as well as food safety, traceability and guarantee for customers. The control of the institution is aimed at registering and numbering the entities issuing the halal certificate their veracity and possibly informing the community that the certificate has been counterfeited or does not correspond to the requirements of the halal standard.

With the creation of the ERHC, EML wants to seat the certification bodies operating in this area around a table and although they do so as competitors in the market, compared to other sectors, in which companies are at war for economic reasons, here the spirit that must always be alive is brotherhood, cohesion, collaboration and cooperation, for the benefits deriving from the Muslim community, in order to offer truly halal products.

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